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5 Benefits of White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is available in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and styles. Regardless of the species of wood you choose, hardwood flooring will have a positive and lasting impact on the interior design of your home. There is nothing like the durable, yet elegant, and natural look of hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring options are many, but one of the best and most used choices is white oak. This type of flooring has a grey/brown undertone and this characteristic sets it apart from the undertones of the red oak, which are red and pink. White oak flooring also has more characteristics than the clear wood species.

There are two types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered. Traditional hardwood floors have solid wood boards, while engineered hardwood flooring offers an authentic look with increased application options at a merely reduced cost. They mill solid hardwood flooring boards from a single piece of wood. While engineered hardwood boards feature a multi-layered base.

Benefits of White Oak Wood Flooring

White oak flooring has many benefits that will aid in the elevation of your design. Below are 5 benefits of using white oak flooring on your property.

#1 Durability:

On average, white oak scored a 1360 rating for its durability on the Janka scale or hardness scale. Some white oak scored even higher. Also, it is important to note that not all hardwoods are equal. Some may be harder or softer. The score of 1360 on the Janka scale makes it harder than red oak, white ash, and American cherry and walnut. This is what you will use to know how well it will hold up in your home.

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The hardness of the wood is not the only thing that matters in durability. White oak hardwood hides dents and scratches better than some other harder woods because of its raised grain patterns. When you choose a flooring that is durable, you’ll have the option to use it in every room of your home, including high-traffic areas, and be confident that it will resist wear and tear.

With engineered hardwood floors, manufacturers can make more planks from a single tree than with traditional hardwood flooring. And with resistance to humidity changes, engineered flooring lasts longer, so it needs less wood to meet flooring demand in the long run.

#2 Affordability

White oak flooring, despite its beauty and popularity, is not an exotic wood. We can find it in many parts of the world and it can be more affordable than some wood species, as it is usually a reasonably-priced wood. Wide planks of white oak wood would cost more than red oak. However, it’s important to note that white oak is lower-priced than most other species of hardwood flooring.

#3 Versatility

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With the ability to complement pale white tones and deep grey/brown, the white oak can pull off casual, formal, and even contemporary looks. It is currently one of the most versatile floorings on the market and can fit in with more interior designs than some other wood floors. White oak is actually a dark-colored wood, although its name suggests otherwise. The wood will provide a crisp and immaculate feel to any space. White oak also stains very well. Unlike the red oak or cherry, there are no pink or red undertones, so nothing bleeds through to change the finish of the wood.

#4 Moisture Resistance

What makes the white oak a bit more moisture-resistant is the fact that it is more of a closed-grain wood. No wood is water-resistant, but white oak holds up well in areas where you would expect moisture to be as water cannot pass through it easily. These areas are namely your kitchen and bathroom. They use white oak wood in boat construction for the very reasons. You can also make use of the white oak in front of house areas where you place your wet boots and umbrellas. The need to clean up spills immediately will still be present because the wood does not give complete protection.

#5 Color and Texture

White oak is a versatile flooring option and has a variety of colors and patterns. This gives the buyer more options with design than they would have with other flooring styles. We can treat white oak hardwood flooring with a variety of techniques to distress the surface, giving the wood an antique and weathered look for a one-of-a-kind appearance. This makes the white oak a preferred choice for color and texture. The knotholes and graining gives it an interesting character when treated with wire brushing, saw marks and hand scraping technology.

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Grey and white-wash stains are popular choices, and the shades stand out even more when applied to white oak than when applied to red oak. An option to consider for stains is to go for a darker color. The wood grain is smooth, so you will enjoy better results on the entire surface, even more, when the area is grained. You will also love the consistency of the color.

White Oak Flooring Is A Great Choice

There are many reasons why oak is one of the most popular species for hardwood floors. Wood flooring has always been the classic sign of a well-built home. For many decades, when people walk into a home, their eyes would quickly draw to a beautiful hardwood floor, checking off the box as an indicator of quality. The white oak provides a lot of advantages in the areas of durability, affordability, texture, color, and resistance to moisture. The white oak is simply a magnificent wood. White oak wood provides you with a wealth of benefits. It would look beautiful in any home, but especially in yours.

If you want your flooring to stand out in the areas of design, durability, affordability, and longevity, contact Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. and one of our flooring experts will help you to choose the best flooring option for you.