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A Complete Guide To Parquet Flooring Patterns

Do you marvel at a beautiful parquet floor in awe, wondering how the Parquet Flooring Patterns are created? Do you want to know how the various panels & medallions look together once installed? If so, you’re in luck! 

Wooden floors are classic, timeless, and versatile. They can immediately transform a space into a magical and welcoming room. With the various wood species and flooring design such as herringbone parquet and chevron floors, there is something for every hardwood floor lover. 

We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help improve your knowledge of parquet flooring designs. Whether for a home or business improvement project, restaurant design element, or custom-built home plan—this guide has everything you need to know about unique & timeless parquet flooring patterns. 

We will share details that will help you to understand: 

  • The varying grain types of wood 
  • Species growth rings on hardwood boards 
  • Why pieces are downsized into giant blocks 
  • Piecing together borders, herringbone & basket weave style layouts  

Our traditional approach will leave no stone unturned as we closely examine all the elements necessary when delving into parquet flooring pattern creations. 

Introducing Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring patterns are a mosaic hardwood tile option that can be used to create unique & stylish looks for your home or office. These designs are achieved by taking small pieces of wood, arranging them in different patterns, depending on the design you want, and securing them with a strong adhesive. 

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Parquet floors have been around since the late 1600s & were initially used to create intricate patterns in the walls of palaces. Thanks to modern technologicaly, they are now widely available & make a great addition to any home or office.

Types Of Parquet Flooring Patterns 

Parquet flooring patterns come in many shapes & sizes. They can be divided into two main categories: traditional & modern.

  • Traditional patterns are more intricate & feature small pieces arranged in elaborate designs such as herringbone, contrasting diamonds, floral motifs, or basket weave textures.
  • Modern parquet flooring patterns often incorporate more significant pieces of wood & generally have a more straightforward design with straight lines & geometric shapes.

Understanding Grain Types & Species Growth Rings 

When creating parquet flooring patterns, careful consideration should be given to the type of wood & its grain pattern. The grain pattern refers to the different sizes & shapes of the wood grain. This can vary from species to species or even within the same species from board to board.

The size of the individual grains will impact the look & feel of your parquet flooring. Smaller grains, such as those found in oak, will create a smoother look. Larger grains, such as those found in walnut or cherry, will create a more rustic feel.

Parquet Flooring

The species growth rings are also an essential factor to consider. Species growth rings refer to the number of growth rings per inch, which can be affected by various factors such as climate & soil content. 

Generally speaking, denser woods will have more growth rings per inch, while softer woods will have fewer. The number of growth rings per inch will impact the overall look of your parquet floor.

Downsizing Groupings of Small Pieces into Larger Blocks 

When creating a parquet flooring pattern, you can incorporate giant blocks or panels into your design. This is done by downsizing the groupings of small pieces into larger blocks or panels. This can be a great way to add a unique & stylish touch to your parquet flooring.

It is crucial to consider the overall pattern & the individual components when downsizing groupings of small pieces. For example, when creating a herringbone pattern, you must ensure that the pieces are placed correctly to achieve the desired look.

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