Engineered Wooden Flooring

5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Installing Engineered Wooden Flooring

Installing engineered wooden flooring can bring many benefits to your home or office. However, many people are not aware of all the advantages of hardwood flooring. 

This article will discuss five lesser-known benefits of installing engineered wood floors

So if you are considering this option for your next renovation project, read on for some valuable insights!

1. A Plywood Subfloor is Not Required

One of the lesser-known benefits of installing engineered wooden flooring is that a plywood subfloor is not required. This means installing this type of flooring over almost any surface, including concrete, vinyl, & tile, is possible. 

So if you are looking for a flooring option that is versatile & easy to install, engineered wood may be the perfect choice for you.

2. Engineered Wooden Flooring Is Eco-Friendly

Engineered hardwood floors are also a more eco-friendly option than solid hardwood floors. This is because they are typically made with recycled wood products. 

3. Can Be Installed in Basements

Engineered hardwood floors can be a great option for homeowners who want the look of hardwood floors but don’t want to deal with the potential moisture issues that can come with them. 

Unlike solid hardwood floors, which are not recommended for below-grade installation, engineered hardwood floors can be installed in basements.

4. More Stable than Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood FloorsEngineered hardwood floors are also more stable than solid hardwood floors. This means that they are less likely to warp over time. The stability of engineered hardwood floors is due to the construction of the flooring. 


Engineered hardwood floors are made up of multiple layers of wood bonded together. This construction makes the flooring more resistant to changes in temperature & humidity than solid hardwood floors.

5. Hassle-Free & Multiple Installation Options

One of the best things about engineered wooden flooring is it’s easy to install. Most homeowners can do it themselves with just a few tools. And, if you’re not the do-it-yourself type, there are plenty of professional installers who can do it for you. Supreme Hardwood Floors is one such installer with the best-engineered hardwood flooring experts.

Another great thing about engineered hardwood is the multiple installation options. You can choose to have it glued down, stapled down, or even floated. 

So, no matter your installation needs, engineered wooden flooring will be able to meet them.

Last Words

Engineered hardwood floors are a great choice if you’re looking for an attractive, hassle-free flooring option that will add value to your home. Supreme Hardwood Floors offers a wide variety of colors & styles. 

Our floors can be installed in any room of your house – even the basement! In addition, our floors are more stable than traditional hardwood floors, meaning they won’t warp or buckle over time. 

So why not give engineered wood flooring a try? Contact us today at (512) 288-5545 to learn more about our products & installation options.