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Bypass Dust Free Floor Removal Frauds

While searching for the ‘best dustless floor removal local company’, you need to perform a detailed analysis of the results you see. While researching, you might come across many companies that claim to be dustless, but unfortunately, are not.

Below are some questions you must ask before hiring a dustless floor removal company:

What type of vacuums and filters are being used?

Some floor removal companies claim to be entirely dust-free simply put a HEPA filter on a shop vacuum, similar to those found at home improvement stores. 

These vacuums are pretty strong but are not suitable for this type of work. Instead, make sure the company you choose utilizes an industrial vacuum with more than one HEPA filter per unit to keep your house clean.

How the tools work?

When your home’s floor is lifted and being removed, you need to ensure the company you hired uses the correct tools. All their floor removal tools should be suitable to their industrial HEPA vacuum.

When all the floor removal devices and tools are connected, the dust from the floor of your house will be concentrated at its source, thus restricting it from ever becoming airborne.

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How is the dust being extracted?

Don’t proceed if a floor removal company tells you that they use air scrubbers or fans to funnel the dust out through a door or window. This particular method is in no way a dustless process. Air scrubbers or fans are good only for NON-dust-free removals. 

Top-notch dustless floor removal companies ensures dust is concentrated at the source by an industrial HEPA vacuum.

Once the floor is removed, what will you do?

Once your floor is up, it should be put into a containment bin connected to an industrial HEPA vacuum. 

If the company tells you they will utilize a shovel or throw the dust and debris into a garbage can or container, they are not the right choice. The dust will rise out of the trash can or bin and fill your house.

Will you be utilizing a riding floor stripper while removing the floor?

Some floor removal companies use riding floor strippers to separate tile. These devices are good to use but are not precisely meant for dustless floor removal. 

They can lift a considerable amount of square footage in a short period but make a huge mess when removing tile. This is a machine we use only during NON-dust free tile removal.

Once the floor is removed and properly contained, how do you get the thinset, or adhesive, up?

This is the dustiest part of the complete floor removal process if not performed correctly. Most of the time, a grinder must be used to separate thin-set or adhesive. The grinder must also be joined to an industrial HEPA vacuum. Sometimes, the thin-set or adhesive must be broken down first if it is too thick.

For instance, adhesive with a razor can be scraped and then grinded. But, as for thick thin-set, a breaker or chipper with a heavy-duty blade will be required to be used. However, if a company does not have the precise attachment or vacuum, this will probably fill your home with harmful dust. Once removed & grinded, the slab must look and feel smooth.

Note:- Be mindful of companies that claim to provide the best dustless floor removal. Just because they use a high-powered shop vac with a HEPA filter does not mean they are fully dustless.

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We hope this article will help you understand the dustless floor removal process.  Contact us if you have any questions.