Advantages of Hardwood Floors & How to Maintain Them

Hardwood flooring is something that most buyers appreciate in a house. It’s a feature that makes a home more valuable, and that could determine whether or not you decide to buy it. For many homeowners, choosing a flooring style can be a difficult decision. There are so many options, and each type of flooring offers different benefits. But, hardwood flooring is an investment that will be with you for a long time.

Carpet is a trendy choice for homes, offices, apartments, and a lot of other places. But carpet has a lot of drawbacks when compared to hardwood flooring. It stains easily and becomes dirty and dingy over time, and it also harbors more dirt and germs, which gives it a musty odor.

There are many benefits of Hardwood flooring, not only for a home but also for the whole family. The benefits that come with having hardwood floors make the investment worth it. And because the floors are long-lasting, its benefits will remain with you for a long time as well. Read on to know more about the advantages of Hardwood Floors and  How to Maintain them.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood Flooring, Austin, TX

Maintenance & Hygiene

General maintenance & cleaning of a hardwood floor couldn’t be easier. Hardwood floors are easy to clean as they’re more resistant to liquid spills and dirt, so merely wiping or brushing these away is incredibly easy, unlike if the same were to happen in a carpeted area. Right away, this gives you peace of mind when cleaning up after children or pets.

Carpet consists of thick fibers that attract dust, allergens, store dirt, and a lot of other things that get tracked into a home. Hardwood floors also allow for smooth and easy sanitary cleaning. And that is why hardwood floors are a better option for families that have allergies or asthma.

Higher Durability

Wood floors, whether made from solid wood or engineered wood, are highly durable and resistant to every day wear & tear. Due to them being natural products, they hold the warmth much better than any human-made laminates, tiles, or stone floors, so underfoot, they are much more comfortable, especially in the colder months of the year.

In high traffic areas, carpets begin to wear out and need to be replaced after a few years. This can cost you because the entire carpet needs to be ripped up and replaced. With hardwood floors, they can be sanded, refinished, and fixed to look brand new.

Any dents on the floor can be easily repaired as they are laid in small sections. And if a part of the floor needs to be replaced, that can be done easily as well. Hardwood flooring comes with many options, including eco-friendly variations, and this flooring will last for years & years.

Hardwood Aesthetics

The classic and timeless appeal of a hardwood floor is often overlooked. Unlike any carpets, linoleum, or tile patterns, hardwood floors do not suffer from going in and out of fashion.  These floors have been a popular choice for a very long time, and they make an excellent option that can be utilized in many ways.

Using different types of wood shapes & designs, all create a unique & beautiful look. Hardwood floors add value to homes as most homeowners like the look and feel of wood flooring.

Wood Floors make a Great Investment

Price or budget is always an essential factor when purchasing any floor covering. Wooden flooring comes with an array price brackets from extremely cheap to little pricier options, so you’ll always find something that fits your budget. Hardwood floors are an excellent investment, whether you’re installing them into rented accommodation or your own property. The aesthetic appeal of these floors to any potential buyer or tenant will most certainly be increased, increasing the chance of reaching an agreement with either party quickly.

How to maintain a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood Flooring, Austin, TX

While mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming might not be the most fun activity to do, keeping a hardwood floor clean will ultimately protect your long-term investment of having an elegant space. The best way to care for your hardwood floor begins with replacing your everyday cleaning tools with the ones that work best on a wooden finish without scratching the grains or dulling the shine.


When using a broom on wood floors, carefully selecting the types of bristles being used is crucial. Different brooms must be used to clean different surfaces. For hardwood floors, the best sweepers in the business are sweepers with synthetic or rubber bristles (or a combination of both bristles). On the other hand, straw brooms can fall apart over time, and scratch surfaces more easily.

For hair or other stringy particles, brooms with rubber bristles are the best choice for pet owners who find themselves tasked with cleaning up dog or cat hair. Rubber bristles have a way of sliding along the floor without scuffing, along with grabbing and clumping hair together without compromising the floor’s lifespan and appearance.

For dust, you should go with brooms with synthetic bristles as they are the best since rubber bristles are too spaced to sweep smaller particulates. And remember, the softer the bristles, the longer your floor will last.

Microfiber Dust Mops

Sometimes sweeping with an old broom with stiff-bristles can do more harm than good to your hardwood floor. Generic dust mops can also sometimes scratch & fade the sheen on a finished floor. That’s why it would be best to go with a microfiber dust mop.

Unlike traditional mops that just push the particles into neat piles, microfibers trap dust into their dense braids of fabric. These microfiber dust mops are engineered to use static electricity to attract & snatch up negatively charged dust particles.

Bare Floor Setting On the Vacuum

While sweeping is less time consuming and much more energy-efficient, vacuuming is a great way to touch up the floors once a week. Use a vacuum with a bare floor setting (most vacuums have one). When a vacuum activates empty floor mode, there’s the clearance between the floor & vacuum bristles. Yet another benefit of vacuuming is that it reaches hard-to-get places between furniture.

Protecting Hardwood Floors from Scuffs and Scratches

Maintaining and cleaning a hardwood floor are both equally important, but preventative maintenance is very crucial as it can save money on repairs. By taking good care of your hardwood floor, rest assured, the quality stays consistent throughout the years.

UV Rays

Sunlight can play a big part in the aging of your floor, but part of a finished hardwood floor’s appeal is that it beautifully reflects light. You can avoid all this by investing in drapes, which will let in enough ambient light while blocking UV Rays. Better yet, you can also use area rugs in places of a home that get the most direct sunlight on the floor.


Make sure that you trim the nails on the dog, cat, or any other pet that roams around the house. By doing so, it will reduce the minuscule scratches that, over time, become worn-out areas on a refinished floor.


A high traffic area combined with your rough footwear is not suitable for your new floor finish more than anything. If possible, the best practice for you is to avoid walking on hardwood floors with shoes on.

Since this might not always be possible, so, you can get some shoe options that are not as hard on the floor as others. You should try and avoid the following types of footwear that will help maintain the flooring:

  • Boots
  • High-heels
  • Shoes with black rubber soles
  • Soccer, golf, or baseball cleats

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