Wood Floors, health choice

Hardwood Floors – the Responsible, Healthy Choice for Your Home

Hardwood floors have been the choice for millions of people for many years. Most choose hardwood floors because of its visual beauty, but there are many other benefits of making this your healthy flooring option. They are also very versatile in the field of interior decorating, so they are popular flooring products.

One benefit to love about wood floors is that they can be in a very rustic setting or with very posh decor and everything in between. Wood is a natural resource that is easily accessible and easy to maintain. If managed properly with responsible harvesting, it will last forever.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and without their existence, there would be no human life. They play an important role by replacing CO2 with Oxygen. Trees are carbon-neutral, which means they pull CO2 from the air and put Oxygen into the air. Most of us are aware of this from our science classes in school.

The fact that this process continues with harvested wood is an incredible fact that is not as well known. Hardwood floors continue to be carbon-neutral for the entirety of their lives in your home. They are the only flooring materials that continue to store carbon, making this green flooring option the healthy flooring choice.   

Hardwood Flooring is Hypo-Allergenic and natural

Hardwood floors are also beneficial for allergy sufferers. They are hypoallergenic and have no toxic chemicals that would affect your indoor air quality. Unlike carpet which traps pollen, pet dander and other micro-organisms, wood flooring does not. If your wood floors are regularly cleaned, you will keep out the pet dander, pollen and whatever may be brought into the house with foot traffic.

With cleaner air, you can breathe easy knowing that your investment in hardwood floors is a truly healthy choice and that your flooring installation is working for you instead of against you. Ceramic tiles, carpets or even vinyl has nothing on the benefits of hardwood flooring. These actually work against the health of your family.   

Hardwood Floors Types

The wood flooring market in recent years has made wood floors cheaper and more affordable to consumers. Though they are cheaper, it doesn’t mean that the cheaper options are good. Be careful when making a decision on your flooring options as you might end up spending more than it would cost to install high-quality flooring in the first place.

There are many different qualities of pre-finished wood floors that can be purchased. Based on our experience, the cheap hardwood floors are just not worth it. Cheap wood floors, depending on your lifestyle, may only last 5-10 years and that is not what you need after committing the funds, labor and time into installing your floors.

If you are considering investing in a wood floor, it makes sense to ensure it is high-quality and will last you a lifetime. You can always refinish the flooring and make changes, but the core parts of the floor, the wood, will remain consistently good and in tip-top shape for a very long time.

Consider how much money is spent on adhesives, finish, floor levelers and labor in your initial investment. The cost of the wood is a fraction of the overall cost of your project. Do you really want to spend that money again in another 5-10 years?

You also need to consider the intrusion into your home while the work is being completed. Having workmen in and out of your home, picking up your flooring, moving furniture, etc. is not the most convenient thing. Do it well once and you won’t have to do it again. Purchasing a cheap wood floor that will last 5-10 years is simply not worth it.

If you go the cheaper route, you will have to rip out the cheap floor and go through the entire process again. This will be most evident if and when you decide to sell your home as you will not be able to sell your home for its’s true value with cheap or poorly installed wood floors

Replacing a wood floor is also not good for our environment when you consider the wasted resources and dumping of the removed wood.

A good quality wood floor can last 100-200 years making it a renewable resource. Quality wood floors can be sanded and refinished time and time again giving them new life each time. This versatile resource can be customized to go with any theme or decor without being completely dismantled. Easy steps can be taken to encourage the longevity of your wood floors such as using the proper cleaning methods and products. It is also important to keep the relative humidity between 35%-55% in your home.

When you have come to the decision to replace your carpet, tile or vinyl with hardwood floors, be sure to buy high-quality wood. With its vast benefits, you simply will not regret it.

When sourcing your hardwood floors, It is best to go with a smaller business, owned and operated by a wood craftsman rather than a large box store. Selling the wood flooring to you will not be simply a sales transaction to a wood craftsman because he is passionate about his work and the art of hardwood flooring.

A person that has dedicated their life to woodworking will ensure that your money will be well invested in a wood floor that will last and make sense for your lifestyle, and not one that will simply provide a quick sale. It will also be easier to discuss design options and how to care for your floors to make sure they last as long as they can. Remember that installing your wood floors is an investment and one that you should give a lot of thought to before making a final decision.

The Healthy Flooring Option

Wood floors will give your home a lifetime of beauty, but most importantly, it will give your home healthier, cleaner air and it is environmentally sustainable.

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