Hardwood Flooring, Sanding, How To Remove Scratches From Engineered Hardwood Floors?

How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Whether you have just invested in new engineered hardwood flooring or you are considering getting hardwood floors installed, our cleaning suggestions will help you to get clean, well-maintained floors with the least effort.

Mop your engineered hardwood floors with a slightly damp mop.

If you don’t have or if you don’t want to use a microfiber mop. In both cases, you can utilize a yarn mop to clean your entire hardwood floor. But remember to extract out water from your common mop completely before applying the yarn mop to your hardwood floors.

Still, if excess water rests on the hardwood floors after you have mopped, try to clean this up with a towel. A lightly damp yarn mop can also help remove any light stains from fluids that may have dropped on the floor.

Sweep or vacuum daily

One of the best tips for making your engineered hardwood floors sparkle is to remove dirt and debris from them daily.

Eliminating dirt, dust, and debris at regular intervals will decrease the likelihood of them spreading or sticking to your floors. Regularly leaving dirt and debris on your floor’s surface can result in marks and scratches and cause premature wear and tear.

Protect high-traffic areas

A great way to protect your engineered hardwood flooring is to use carpets or area rugs on high-traffic areas in your home.  Rugs and mats can also help to prevent the grit on the sole of shoes from damaging the finish on your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Use a little vinegar & water.

For somewhat light day-to-day cleansing, white vinegar in lukewarm water is excellent. The acidity of vinegar aids strips away these unwanted contaminants while also being harmless for your engineered wood floor as well as surroundings.

Also, be sure to apply a moist cloth or mop. For the best results, mop in the very same direction as the grain present in the hardwood floorboards.

Use a wood floor cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning.

Any purchase of hardwood floors from Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. will qualify you for a free cleaning and maintenance consultation with our team. We advise you of the best cleaning methods and products to use in order to keep your floors looking their best and to prevent damage. 

Be sure to always test any floor cleaner you use on a hidden section on your floors. The best option is to use only floor cleaners recommended by your flooring provider to protect your floors from chemicals and other additives that can cause damage. We do not support the use of steam vacuums/mops for heavy-duty cleaning.

Refinish to fix major damage

Simple cleaning methods or covers are not enough to prevent damage to your floors. When your engineered hardwood floors have been excessively damaged because of scratches from furniture or other issues, you need to get them sanded & refinished by the experts at Supreme Hardwood Floors to get them looking beautiful again.

This option fully depends on the condition of your engineered hardwood floor and its finish. Most engineered hardwood flooring has only a pretty thin top layer that can be refinished only once, so it’s best to consult the team at Supreme Hardwood Floors to find out if your floors can be sanded and refinished.

If you want your engineered hardwood flooring to stand out in design, durability, and longevity, contact Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. and one of our experts will help you to make the best decision.

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