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How To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners, business owners & home builders around the world. It brings sophistication & character to any space it’s in while providing long-lasting durability. However, with all that beauty comes the responsibility of taking proper care of your hardwood floors over time. Prefinished hardwood floors comes with a stain & finishes already applied, which makes it easy to maintain & leaves one less thing for busy homeowners, business owners, restaurant owners & builders alike to worry about.

If you’ve acquired prefinished hardwood floors recently or are looking into buying them soon, you’re likely wondering how to clean them properly to keep them in great shape for years to come. 

In this blog post, we will go over everything from preventative maintenance to deep cleaning options for keeping those gorgeous prefinished hardwood floors gleaming!

What Is Prefinished Hardwood?


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Simply put, Prefinished hardwood flooring refers to factory-finished boards that are coated with polyurethane prior to being made available for retail. To ensure durability, each panel is baked with an aluminum oxide substance. This results in a robust acrylic finish & the formation of beveled edges along the sides of each board. 

Installation is straightforward, involving cutting & nailing the boards to the subfloor. Notably, visible separation lines are created between the boards due to the presence of grooves.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors?

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Prefinished hardwood floors are typically low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. The utmost priority lies in regular sweeping, vacuuming, or dust-mopping. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your floors remain well-protected & maintain their optimal appearance.

1. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to sweep or dry-mop on a daily basis or as frequently as possible, with special attention to corners, nooks & crannies. When dealing with prefinished hardwood, microfiber mops are highly recommended. 

However, if sweeping is preferred, ensure the use of a broom with soft bristles to prevent any potential scratching.

2. Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar to safely clean your floors. 

Beater bars can potentially cause surface scratches. Vacuuming effectively eliminates accumulated dirt & dust from the corners of the room.

3. Water should never be used for cleaning hardwood floors & it’s best to avoid wet mopping. In order to prevent staining & moisture damage, it is important to promptly attend to spills. Simply blot spills with a clean cloth until the floor is completely dry. 

For significant spills & substantial dirt buildup, it is recommended to utilize a cleaning solution specifically formulated for hardwood floors.

4. It is recommended to clean your floor once per week using a cleaner specifically designed for your type of flooring. Many flooring manufacturers offer cleaning solutions tailored to their products. 

For more information, you can refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact our team. We provide a wide range of cleaning supplies suitable for all types of flooring.

Maintaining Prefinished Hardwoods

  • One of the most effective methods for maintaining prefinished hardwoods is to utilize rugs & mats, particularly in high-traffic zones. 
  • Strategically placing doormats inside & outside each entrance will assist in preventing the tracking of dirt, debris, water & mud onto your floors. 
  • The presence of outdoor particles has the potential to scratch prefinished hardwood flooring. At the same time, the combination of rainwater & mud may result in moisture damage.
  • It is advisable to attach felt pads underneath the legs of your furniture to prevent scratching when there is movement or rearrangement. 
  • Some individuals choose to periodically rearrange their furniture to promote even wear & tear & minimize color fading. 
  • For pet owners, maintaining trimmed nails, regular bathing & wiping off paws upon entry can help prevent scratches & dirt accumulation on floors.

Pros Of Cleaning Prefinished Hardwood Floors

  • Durability: Hardwood flooring can last for decades when maintained properly.
  • Appearance: Prefinished hardwood floors are available in a variety of finishes, colors & widths, making it a versatile flooring choice. 
  • Low-maintenance: Prefinished hardwoods require less maintenance compared to unfinished hardwoods, as the finishes are already applied.
  • Easy installation: With prefinished wood, installation is relatively quick & easy as opposed to unfinished hardwoods, which require time for sanding & finishing.
  • Cost-effective: Prefinished hardwoods tend to be more cost-effective in the long run as maintenance costs are lower compared to other flooring options.


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In conclusion, learning how to clean prefinished hardwood floors can ensure a longer life & pleasant atmosphere in either your home or office. 

The best approach is to begin with preventative maintenance, such as removing dirt from the flooring with a damp mop & being sure to avoid any liquids that may seep into the grain of the hardwood. Hardwood floors also need special treatments, such as waxing & resealing periodically. 

It’s important to keep in mind that some finishes are more resilient than others & require more work when cleaning. Investing in regular services from Supreme Hardwood Floors Experts can help to significantly extend the life of your hardwood flooring. 

Our highly trained experts at Supreme Hardwood Floors can help you protect your floors against spills, scratches & other routine damage. 

Call us today for a free estimate on maintaining & protecting your prefinished hardwood flooring!

10 Trending Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I Use A Steam Mop On Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

No, it’s not recommended to use a steam mop on prefinished hardwood floors, as the heat & moisture can damage the finish & the wood over time. Stick to dry or damp mopping for cleaning.

2. What’s The Best Way To Remove Scuff Marks From Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

Gently rub scuff marks with a soft, damp cloth or a melamine foam eraser (like a Magic Eraser). Avoid abrasive materials that can scratch the surface.

3. Is It Necessary To Wax Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

No, prefinished hardwood floors typically come with a durable finish, so waxing is not necessary. Waxing can even damage the existing finish. Regular cleaning & maintenance should suffice.

4. Can I Use Vinegar And Water To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

It’s best to avoid using vinegar & water as vinegar is acidic & can harm the finish. Instead, use a pH-balanced hardwood floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

5. How Can I Prevent My Prefinished Hardwood Floors From Fading In Sunlight?

Use window treatments like blinds or curtains to minimize direct sunlight exposure. Area rugs can also help protect the floors from UV rays, which can cause fading.

6. What Should I Do If My Prefinished Hardwood Floors Get Scratched?

For minor scratches, use a hardwood floor touch-up pen or crayon to fill in the scratch. For deeper scratches, consult a professional for repair options.

7. Can I Use A Regular Vacuum Cleaner With A Beater Bar Attachment On Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

No, using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar can potentially scratch the surface. Opt for a vacuum designed for hardwood floors without a beater bar.

8. How Often Should I Reseal Or Refinish My Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

Prefinished hardwood floors typically have a long-lasting finish that doesn’t require frequent resealing or refinishing. It may be necessary every 5-10 years, depending on wear & tear.

9. Are There Specific Cleaning Products I Should Avoid Using On Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

Avoid oil-based soaps, abrasive cleaners & harsh chemicals, as they can damage the finish. Stick to products recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

10. Can I Use A Regular Broom To Sweep Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you can use a soft-bristle broom to sweep prefinished hardwood floors. It’s an effective way to remove loose dirt & debris without causing scratches.

Remember that the specific care & maintenance requirements may vary depending on the type & brand of prefinished hardwood flooring you have, so always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or simply take advice from our experts at Supreme Hardwood Floors for the best results.