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5 Reasons Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing Isn’t a DIY Project

If you’ve purchased a home in Austin, TX, or looking to remodel your current abode, you may be considering hardwood floor refinishing. It is a great way to maintain the features of this classic floor you have while making them look aesthetically appealing and more functional for daily living.

You may be considering the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, perhaps because of the emergence of many do-it-yourself websites and countless DIY television shows. That is why more people than ever seem to be thinking about refinishing their hardwood flooring themselves. But just because you believe you can do something yourself doesn’t always mean that you should.

Some might argue that it is a practical way to go forward for many reasons; however, if it’s not a task you have experience with, wood floor refinishing in Portland is likely best left to the professionals.

Before you decide to try it yourself, consider these six reasons why it’s usually better for professionals to do the job:

  1. Remove Scratches

Your hardwood floors will inevitably get scratched up. Scratches can be caused by your family members pushing their chairs closer to the dining table or when you’re rearranging the furniture.

Possibly, heel scratches against the surface, or your child skateboarding around the house may also result in scratches. A pet could also cause damage. Either way, it’s inevitable, so as an owner of hardwood floors, you must acknowledge that it happens.

However, instead of accepting the scratches, you can enlist Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., your local hardwood floor refinishers, to restore your floors to their natural, beautiful state and smooth away the scratches. It allows you to regain the household aesthetic you originally fell in love with, and you won’t even have to spend as much money as you would when replacing the flooring.

  1. Shine Those Planks Up

Just like your hardwood floors weren’t always scratched; they weren’t always so dull. They once glimmered in the sunlight and looked refreshingly clean, but now with wear and tear, they perhaps look as worn.

You’re likely used to the dull flooring by now, or maybe you didn’t own the house when the floors were new and didn’t realize what a difference a refinishing could make. But a hardwood floor upgrade might be what you need if you notice your hardwood flooring has dulled.

Consider Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. in Austin, TX, to restore your floors to their former glory, and enjoy the makeover for years to come.

  1. Refinishing hardwood floors is more challenging than you think

DIY sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors are not as easy as most people think it will be. People who have done it themselves will tell you that they would never do it again. Many things can go wrong, and mistakes can be challenging to cover up.

Besides that, when you figure out the cost of materials, equipment, and the amount of time & money you’ll have saved will not be that significant.

  • You don’t possess the experience to do flawless work.
  • Sanding floors is exhausting & challenging work.
  • It’ll take you longer than it would take a pro.
  • Rental equipment may not be as good as what the pros use.
  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing is a dirty & dusty job.
  • You might have blotchy patches of stain.
  • You’ll have uneven sanding and divots on your floor
  • Something unforeseen will go wrong.
  • In the end, you may not even save that much money.
  1. If you’re counting on saving a lot of money with your DIY Project, You Won’t

The only real benefit of refinishing your hardwood floors yourself is to try and save a lot of money. Unfortunately, when you buy materials, rent a floor sander, and spend all that time doing (and redoing) the work, you’re not going to end up saving a lot.

You’ll have made a big mess and will be dealing with dust everywhere. And you’ll be sore because it is a tedious, physical task that takes a while for the body to get used to.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

And worst of all, it’s almost impossible that you’ll have done the flawless job that our experienced and professional hardwood floor refinishers in Austin, TX, could have done.

Moreover, if you don’t do the sanding correctly, your stain will not penetrate fully, which means that the polyurethane will not adhere to the hardwood correctly.  Consequently, your new finish will not last half as long as it should.

The stain can also end up looking blotchy in spots if you didn’t do either the sanding or staining correctly. You can also end up with marks and dips in your hardwood flooring. Some of these imperfections could end up being permanent. Perfect, evenly sand and finished floors are rarely achieved by a non-professional.

  1. You Adore Your Hardwood Floors, But It Needs Attention

They don’t make them like they used to, you must have heard this saying, and, truthfully, in many instances, it may be accurate.

While you can be easily delighted by new hardwood floors if that’s the route you need to venture down. But you might still be admiring the classic features of your old hardwood flooring. Maybe it just needs some TLC, so if that’s the case, then professional refinishing by Supreme Hardwood is your only answer.

It is evident as there are some elements you may not be able to resolve on your own. If your flooring has deep scratches or widening gaps between the planks, then DIY is out of the equation. At this juncture, it’s best to hand the baton off to us as we know more than you, and we can create the look you want.

Close your eyes and picture the flooring in your home, and imagine its current state? Does it “spark joy,” or do you want a change, or perhaps an upgrade?

If the answer is the latter, what does the new flooring look like, and, just as importantly, is it something you can realistically achieve without assistance from anyone else?

Here, you also have an excellent opportunity to elevate your space. And by creating a more welcoming, vibrant home, it’ll also improve your mood and overall well-being, and you will be even more excited at the end of the day to come back to the comfort of your home.

If you want beautifully-refinished Hardwood Floors, Always hire a professional

We do not recommend refinishing hardwood floors yourself, but we recommend not using a handyman either. Only choose an expert to refinish your floors if you want the best results. We at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. have more than 15 years of experience in floor refinishing services.

Have a hardwood floor specialist from Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. assess your current flooring and determine what is needed to bring them back to prime condition.