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Sanding & Refinishing Your Wood Floors

At some point, your home’s solid or engineered hardwood floors will be in need of a facelift. The timeline for this facelift depends on your lifestyle with some contributing factors being: dogs, kids, and busy household operations.

Sanding and refinishing your wood floors is excellent for homeowners or businesses that have remodeling projects, newly purchased homes or apartments, homes for sale on the market, and are looking for a fresh new look for their hardwood flooring.

What exactly is sanding and refinishing? Sanding & refinishing at Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. consists of sanding off the finish from the existing wood floor and replacing it with a new finish. Refinishing your floors can make an old floor look brand new as the floor is smoothed over and covered with a fresh finish. It also eliminates scratches. 

Sanding and refinishing your floors can also help fix minor unevenness. It is a lot less labor-intensive than considering a brand new floor installed and less wasteful. 

However, sanding & refinishing floors requires the knowledge of an expert to know when is the right time to get the job done.


Sanding & refinishing is a top-class service offered by Supreme Hardwood Floors to any wood floor with a thick enough wear-layer to be sanded down. Experts at Supreme Hardwood Floors recommend that the safe zone for sanding is on floors over 3 mm. Floors under this suggested wear-layer would not be ideal for this process. 

If your current floors lack the shine factor, look scraped or scuffed or have raw wood peeking through, it’s time to give them a revamped look. The estimated time your refinished floors can last could be anywhere from 5 to 10+ years after being replaced. 

The lifespan of your flooring depends on factors such as the amount of foot traffic in your home, whether you have animals, etc. That said, a great resource for determining when to sand & finish is the National Wood Floors Association (NWFA). 

It provides guidance to help you recognize when it’s the right time for an overhaul. Also, your preferred hardwood floor company must be able to assist you in making the right decision.


Maintenance services like a deep clean, often known as a “screen and coat,” can increase the floor’s overall lifespan. If regular maintenance is followed pretty strictly, you may never ever have to sand and refinish your hardwood floors. 

After refinishing your floors, follow the flooring company’s suggested guidelines for cleaning according to your floor’s brand new finish type. Cleaning with non-acidic PH-balanced wood floor cleaner will help prolong the life of your refinished floors.

Supreme Hardwood Floors is proud to offer our expert sanding & refinishing services to the Austin,TX area. Restore your floor to its original condition with our full-service hardwood floor refinishing services, incorporating floor sanding, stripping, buffing, filling, gluing, wall trimming, custom staining and dual-coated polyurethane finishing. 

Here at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc., we know nothing enhances your floors’ appearance better than a complete sand and refinish. For 15 years, we have executed countless refinishing and sanding projects to help restore your floors and staircases’ natural beauty. Our experienced crew will help you to refresh your tired floors and restore them to their full brilliance. Call us today at (512) 288-5545 for a free in-home estimate!