The famed hardwood flooring offers the perfect balance of luxury and practicality for any home. Hardwood Floors are good looking, long-lasting, warm underfoot, and a design chameleon, so there’s no need to change your floor whenever you change your color scheme. Hardwood flooring from Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. will add value to your home, as well as making it more saleable, so investing in this wonderful, sturdy, and durable material makes sense all round.

Amazing hardwood flooring products & excellent service at a price you can afford

For more than 15 years, we have provided outstanding discount flooring products and exceptional service to our customers & we are excited to expand our business nationally. And we proudly carry hardwood flooring that is made only in the USA.


Timeless Beauty That Lasts for Years

While we are known for our quality hardwoods, we have always appreciated the classic elegance & sophistication of a well-made solid wood floor. This appreciation, plus our innovative design sense, has inspired the team at Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. to craft a line of premium hardwood flooring for your home.


What makes Hardwood Flooring classic? Is it timeless appeal, consistent quality, or is it the ability to transcend fads & maintain its character? Well, for hardwood floors, the answer is all three. The beauty of hardwood flooring is as varied as the trees it’s derived from. And a veritable bounty of patterns and colors can be counted on to add pop to any interior design plan. Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. offers a lovely selection of discount hardwoods with lush grain patterns, rich burls & colors ranging from the palest champagne to the darkest ebony. The possibilities begin with your imagination!

Supreme Hardwood also features a great selection of discounted domestic and exotic hardwoods. Both varieties are perennial favorites, from the familiar & beloved white oak to the highly sought after teak & mahogany.


Hardwood flooring is made of real wood sawn from timber and manufactured for use as a floor. This flooring is available in a variety of different tree species and can be built as solid hardwood (the planks are made from one solid piece of wood sawn from a single timber). Or as engineered hardwood (planks consist of multiple layers of wood adhered together). Hardwood flooring comes in planks, strips, parquet patterns, and many other shapes. 

Typically, hardwood products come prefinished from the factory with stain and a wear layer for protection. Still, in some cases, the wood is installed without a factory finish, and the finish is applied onsite.

Hardwood floors generally feature a tongue and groove construction so that the floor planks lock together. Some hardwood floors can also be sanded and refinished overtime to return a more pristine look and feel.


The two most essential factors in picking a wood species are strength and aesthetics. If your Hardwood Flooring is going to be installed in a high-traffic area, it makes sense to look into selections known for their durability. Moreover, you should know that ‘The Janka Hardness Scale’ is the industry standard, which is readily available for consultation and offers a concise, easy to understand measurement.

After narrowing down the wood species options based on your needs, you can get the flooring look you want. Different hardwood species from all over the world showcase the real spectrum of nature’s diversity, providing a massive array of colors, contrast levels, and grain patterns between the grain and the wood itself. We at Supreme Hardwood pride ourselves on offering our customers an unmatched selection of hardwood species & styles to ensure the perfect discount flooring match for everyone.


The look of the floor, along with durability, is one of the main factors driving most purchasing decisions. Luckily, you can easily find a floor that performs the way you want it to in just about any style. Below are some style characteristics that affect the overall look & feel of hardwood flooring.

If you are looking for Hardwood Flooring near me or Hardwood Floor Colors, then you are in the right place. Before choosing, we recommend trying a sample in your home first. As lighting in your home may be different from what you see in our store or on our website, you want to be sure you pick a product that looks great in your home.

  • Color – A hardwood floor’s color comes from any stains & finishes that have been applied, as well as the natural hues of its wood species. Some wood species have more considerable natural variations in color on individual planks and from plank to plank, giving the wood unique character. Others have less variety for a more uniform look.
  • Wood Species – The type of wood your hardwood flooring is made from can have a considerable influence on the overall flooring style. For instance, Oak hardwood has an eye-catching grain with a lot of variation, while Maple flooring (graining) is usually fine and straight.
    Exotic species are known for having bold, statement-making grain patterns. Wood species also differ in how much natural character they convey. Some have more filled splits, filled knots, and abundant mineral streaks, which can feel more casual than a floor with minimal character.
    Furthermore, if you are confused, you can go for many types of hardwood flooring options including white oak hardwood flooring, white oak engineered hardwood flooring, white oak solid hardwood flooring, grey-white oak hardwood flooring, herringbone pattern hardwood floors, parquet hardwood flooring, hickory hardwood flooring, walnut Hardwood Flooring, walnut stained hardwood floors, dark walnut hardwood floors, and walnut colored hardwood floors, etc.
  • Surface Treatment & Texture – Many collections offer finishes, textures, and surface treatments that allow the floors to take on different looks. Weathered, reclaimed, and rustic wood styles can appear traditional or in line with modern trends, but it depends on how the rest of the room is styled.
  • Width – Board or plank width plays an essential role in helping you achieve your design vision. Wide-width planks continue to be a popular style choice as they offer sophistication and create a feeling of openness. Further, some collections incorporate mixed-width boards, creating a vintage look that alternates between the three board sizes.
  • Edge Style – Flooring collections vary in how the edges and ends of the boards are finished. These subtle differences can affect the overall look. Now that we’ve helped you sort out your options. Tell us which one you want, and we’ll deliver it to you within no time.


How to protect my hardwood floors from furniture scratches?

Hardwood floors are naturally resistant to damage & scratches from furniture and this is one of the factors that have contributed to their enduring popularity. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to help prevent furniture scratches. For instance, you can purchase small felt pads, which are placed on the ends of the chair & table legs, to help furniture glide more easily over your floors. You can also use an area rug, which offers cushioning & protection while still leaving most of your gorgeous hardwood flooring exposed.

What can be used to clean my hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are easy to clean, but there are still some basic rules you should follow to keep them in pristine condition. With many years of experience in the flooring industry, we generally recommend doing a quick daily sweep with a soft bristle broom. This will remove any fine particles of dirt or grit that can wear and tear down your flooring over time.

For spills, we recommend using a soft cloth to wipe the stained area. And together with the cloth, we also recommend using a cleaning product designed for use on hardwood floors, to avoid further discoloration or damage.

Should we install hardwood flooring if we have a dog or other indoor pets?

Many hardwood floors are installed in homes with pets; although, your pet’s claws might scratch the finish of the wood flooring. Also, in most situations, pet damage to the flooring is not warranted by the manufacturers. So, you it’s best to keep the pet’s claws trimmed and clean up any messes immediately.  Also, it’s better not to put the pet’s food or water bowl directly on the flooring.

What is the most durable hardwood floor available?

Hardwood floors are mostly treated with up to 10 coats of an aluminum oxide finish. While this can certainly increase the durability of the floor, it is the hardness of the floor that will give the best indication of strength. You can always refer to the Janka Hardness rating for an accurate indication of hardness on selected species.

Is it safe to use hardwood flooring in a kitchen?

Caution is advised if you want to install hardwood flooring in a kitchen. A kitchen is prone to liquid spills, which can raise the wood’s grain or permanently stain or damage a hardwood floor’s finish. Always make sure you wipe up spills immediately with a dry, clean cloth.

What is the main difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood?

Prefinished hardwood is stained & finished at the factory under carefully controlled conditions, which provides a more consistent appearance and superior durability. Whereas Unfinished Hardwood is installed in your home, and then the finish is applied, which is then matched to existing or surrounding hardwood floors. Furthermore, prefinished floors allow you to enjoy your new floor much sooner; on the other hand, with unfinished floors, you have to wait for a bit to enjoy your new flooring.


With Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., a highly recommended flooring company in Austin, TX, rest assured, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long-lasting, durable hardwood for your home or commercial space. Contact us today (512) 288-5545 to begin taking steps toward the custom floor installation you’ve always wanted. With us, you can experience durability, easy maintenance, and a multitude of designing options that hardwood can offer you. Our experts are waiting for your call to guide you to the flooring of your dreams!