Hardwood Species

Hardwood flooring is the most popular floor type in homes for a variety of reasons. It’s attractive & timeless, and because it can be refinished, unlike other types of flooring, it usually lasts a lifetime. Before installing a wood floor, it is essential to know about the available wood flooring types. The Janka Hardness Scale, named after Gabriel Janka, an Austrian researcher who developed the scale in 1906, is the modern industry-standard for determining wood hardness.

It tells you a lot about the strength and durability of Hardwood Flooring. The higher the rating number, the harder the wood is, and the more durable your floor. So now that you have decided to install hardwood floors to your home, which type of wood floor will you choose?


There are many species of hardwood flooring, and we thought it would be helpful to elaborate on some of the most popular choices. There are pros and cons to each, and it depends on what you like and which elements are most important to you along with the budget. Understanding the characteristics, among other things, will help you select the ideal species for your home. Now let us look at some Hardwood Species offered by us at Supreme Hardwood Flooring, Inc.


One of the most popular looks on hardwood floors is oak. It’s timeless and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Oak comes in a variety of colors, so it indeed looks great in any home. And, because of its durability, it’s an excellent option for homeowners who aren’t big on area rugs.

Oak flooring is efficient for many reasons. First of all, it is economical. Second of all, due to the strong graining of oak, it helps hide the scratches & dents better than most other hardwoods. And thirdly, oak can absorb stains very well, which makes it easy to change the color when you are refinishing the floors.

People often choose White Oak for its fine grain patterns and cool hues, and it is more durable than red oak, coming in at 1360 on the Janka scale—making it an excellent choice for high traffic areas. White oak possesses gray undertones & no hint of red. Its grain & color vary only slightly, producing an overall floor effect of smooth elegance, which is suitable for many design styles.


American Walnut is another beautiful hardwood. Sometimes, it’s known as Black Walnut, or simply Walnut.   The color of Walnut flooring varies from a lighter pale brown to dark chocolate brown, and colors on some boards can also have undertones of gray, purple, or even a reddish cast.

Besides, Walnut Hardwood, with its deep, rich, chocolate tones and large straight grain patterns, is a top choice for drama & sophistication. With a Janka rating of 1010, Walnut is best suited for medium-to-light traffic but may show signs of wear in high-traffic areas after a few years.

Walnut floor’s colors vary only slightly from board to board, giving them a smooth, consistent look. There are different species of walnut hardwood floors out there. Further, the floors made for Walnut typically have a dark, exotic look, which is versatile and looks great in most homes.

It is tough — it’s one of the most durable hardwoods on the market — great for high-traffic areas with kids and pets. And Walnut is often used as an accent in older, more traditional homes of Austin, TX that have borders, and it contrasts well with white oak and hickory.


With a Janka rating of 1820, hickory is very durable, and ideal for high-traffic zones. It has been a top choice for school gymnasium floors. Hickory features mocha-tones, which range from warm brown with dark brown streaks to creamy beige with a hint of red.

Hickory floors have a lot of color variation, and some have knotting and differences in color even within a board. And because of the hickory’s hardness and its ability to hide dents and scratches, it’s often an awesome choice for busy households and households with pets. 

Plus, with large knots & color that can vary substantially from board to board, hickory is well suited to rustic and country style homes. And since Hickory floors are durable and rustic, they are an excellent combination if you’re looking for flooring with a distressed look that can withstand a lot of foot traffic. Also, many people believe hickory floors go well with every type of decor.


Parquet is made up of strips of real wood assembled in a square or in a rectangle called a ‘mosaic.’ Parquet is quite inexpensive and must be glued directly to the subfloor using a unique adhesive. Parquet flooring is available in both pre-finished and a sand-on-site styling.

Parquet flooring was popular in the ’70s and still used today. In the flooring industry, Parquet is a type of floor made from wooden blocks or strips forming a pattern. Sometimes the Parquet includes inlays of other wood types and materials.

The installation of Parquet requires a well-leveled subfloor, and the sanding involved in the process should be left to а professional like us. The most important thing when stripping the wood is always to follow its grain, and this is rather hard to achieve on a surface made from wooden blocks, but with Custom Wood Installation at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc, you do not even have to break a sweat.

Further, the most popular type of parquet pattern is Herringbone. This simple looking parquet pattern alone comes in several variations like single, double, or diagonal (square) Herringbone. However, there are entirely different styles like brick, hexagon, basketweave, or chevron.


Herringbone flooring is basically parquet floors with a herringbone design. Creating a herringbone pattern requires individual boards to be erratically arranged in the form of rectangles, forming a stunning luxurious visual effect.

The herringbone pattern is a French design by origin, and it seems to have originated in the mid to late 1600s. Centuries ago, it used to be a popular flooring pattern that Europeans preferred for their castles & family mansions. The very uniqueness of Herringbone flooring makes it a perfect choice for both traditional & contemporary interiors.

Moreover, the herringbone flooring design is widely preferred for modern homes & commercial spaces. The design is adaptable, and it can gel with the background and create a subtle effect or have a dominating presence, any way you want it!

Further, the zigzag pattern gives an illusion of movement, which imparts a sense of spaciousness to smaller interiors, and Herringbone lends depth to smaller rooms, which reveals exceptional character to the interiors.


With Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., a highly recommended flooring company in Austin, TX, rest assured, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long-lasting, durable hardwood for your home or commercial space. Contact us today (512) 288-5545 to begin taking steps toward the custom floor installation you’ve always wanted. With us, you can experience durability, easy maintenance, and a multitude of designing options that hardwood can offer you. Our experts are waiting for your call to guide you to the flooring of your dreams!