Hardwood floors in households can endure all sorts of wear and tear, despite their resilience. Many actions that you perform daily, from moving furniture to dropping heavy objects, can cause scratches or gouging to your hardwood floors. If this sounds exactly like your home, or you just want to change the look or color of your floor, refinishing and sanding would be what you’re looking for.

Here at Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., we know nothing enhances the look of your floors more than complete sand and finish. For 15 years, we have executed several refinishing and sanding projects to help restore your floors and staircases natural beauty.

Rather than replacing a wood floor, you should consider just refinishing it. But what exactly is refinishing? Generally, refinishing consists of sanding off the finish from your existing wood floor. Refinishing allows an old floor to look brand new as the floor is smoothed over and covered with a fresh finish. It eliminates scratches. It can also help fix minor unevenness. It is much less labor-intensive than having a new floor installed and less wasteful.

When you are considering refinishing your hardwood floor, calling a professional is highly recommended. For the best hardwood floor refinishing in Austin, TX, Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. is the place to visit. Wood floors can last a lifetime, but often they need a little help. With years of experience in flooring, we can bring life to your old worn out floor, making it look as good as new.

Essentially, hardwood flooring refinishing is the process of sanding an existing hardwood floor and applying a new stain to it. Spruce up your room with a new looking floor or with a new color that matches your modern furnishings.


Restore your old hardwood flooring to its original condition with full-service hardwood floor refinishing services including floor sanding, buffing, stripping, filling (floor putty), gluing, custom staining, wall trimming, & dual-coated polyurethane finishing. Refinishing is excellent for homeowners or businesses that have remodeling projects, newly purchased homes or apartments, homes for sale on the market, and are looking for a fresh new look to their hardwood flooring.


Whether you own a residential or commercial space, flooring can accentuate the look and feel of your property. With our refinishing services, you won’t have to think twice about matching your wooden floors to other surrounding interiors in your home or office.

You can rely on our wood refinishing services as we’ve been in business for many years and have 15 years of experience servicing Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas

The floor refinishing and floor sanding process is an art in itself. From the operator who runs the machines to the different types of distressing and beveling of your wood floor – Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. has worked with numerous customers in numerous unique situations to bring them the best possible flooring solutions. Whether it’s damage from water, scratches, aged flooring, cupping, gaping, troublesome areas, or dings Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. – one of the most trusted hardwood floor refinishing companies can solve all your problems. We have mastered the art of rendering your floors to their original natural condition.

Over the years, Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. has tackled nearly every unique scenario in regards to wood floor refinishing & sanding. We can also inspect & indicate troublesome areas within your flooring or sub-flooring. Plus, this is the setting stone for proper floor refinishing.

We excel where others fail or haven’t dared to touch, and we’ve produced some breath-taking results in the process. All wooden floors show signs of wear and tear over time, but we can restore them to their natural beauty!

So, if you need to repair your kitchen from water damage or install a new floor and tie it in with your old flooring, our highly experienced and knowledgeable crew will work around-the-clock to repair and refinish your flooring to its inherent quality.



We can help you with the removal of stains, no matter how white or black they are on your floors. Let us clear the stains out from your floor and restore its original beauty. That’ll make your wooden flooring look beautiful and drastically increase the value of your home.

We know you’ll be happy with our service, and we promise to work with you until you are delighted with your hardwood flooring. That’s why Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. has been the most trusted flooring resource for the greater Austin area; we provide professionalism & extreme craftsmanship in our work. We always look forward to the opportunity to show you our craft!


Hardwood flooring is an asset; it raises your property’s values and brings a luxurious appeal to any room. But, unfortunately, hardwood flooring can lose its luster over time due to low maintenance. Now, that’s where we come in, at Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., we offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Austin and surrounding areas. When it comes to sanding, our approach is minimalist. We focus on taking off the least amount possible, while also making sure that the ‘new’ surface is even, to allow for the best possible outcome for your new finish.

Moreover, our hardwood floor refinishing team is trained to know how to evenly sand hardwood flooring, and they are experts in applying hardwood floor finishes consistently & proportionally to achieve the finish you want.



If you are redecorating or if you have recently purchased a home, you may wish to lighten or darken the finish of your hardwood flooring to match your new home décor style. To get the perfect finish on your hardwood floors, you just need to give us a call or visit us! Our staff is highly trained in finish options, and they finish complement designs, styles, and décor with ease.

At Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., our floor refinishing services include providing the highest quality products to complete your refinishing project. From start to finish, you’ll be assisted by experts who will walk you through every step of the process. Just call Supreme Hardwood for the best refinishing service in Austin!



Have you noticed a crack or a chip on your hardwood floor? Don’t wait for it to get worse. Let our professionals repair your wood floors. We’ll be happy to come out and inspect your floor as soon as you call us. Our highly trained professionals always pay great attention to detail to help you get a casual, comfortable flooring experience.

Now, Sanding & refinishing hardwood floors is a very economical way to transform your home into a great indoor setting. We usually take a couple of days to complete an 800-square-foot job. Our professional crew has over 15 years of experience of sanding, refinishing and staining wood flooring and stair treads.

We use professional, heavy-duty drum sanders and edgers for 95% dust-free work. We seal all the doorways by plastic sheets to prevent dust leaks. Typically, the floor is sanded by coarse, medium and fine sandpaper and buffed to ensure that the surface gets the required smoothness.

Further, we believe that polishing with 100 to 150 grit sandpapers is essential between coats or before the first coat. The floor must also be buffed with a buffer machine to remove any unseen scratches and to prepare the floor for sanding.

Many different variables can affect the process and speed of floor sanding. Finishes, wood density, desired color, water damage, knots, pet stains, shadows; all have to be considered before a project starts. All these will be gone over at the time of consultation, depending on what’s happening on your floor. Mostly, the process is relatively the same. The floor is sanded with the big machine & edgers, plus the corners are scraped & leveled with the remaining floor. The edges are filled, and palm sanded where need be. And again, the floor is buffed & extensively vacuumed before the stain is applied or before the coating process begins. Finally, the floor is then coated twice then smoothed out with a final buff before the last coat goes on.

Lots of times, when there is some light staining or discoloration on the floor, it can be removed with sanding or made lighter throughout the process. However, there are instances where it has penetrated the wood deeply and does not come out. There are home remedies for this, but it is strongly recommended that they are not tried. It does tend to cause finishes to react poorly, i.e., delaminate or discolor the finish.


Sometimes all you need is an expert like us to show you what you have. At Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., we believe ‘new is not always better.’ We believe our specialty lies in reviving those old, worn, chipped, dented, or scratched, hardwood floors that are shadowing the beauty of your home. Our professional crew will begin by sanding the floor to remove any stains, dirt, or visible scratches and prepare the wood for sanding and refinishing.
After the sanding process is completed, we will also give you the option of adding a new color to your floor.

Sanding & refinishing is an excellent and affordable means of restoring the beauty of your floor, and our craftsmen are primarily known to have the eyes and careful touch of an artist. So, whether you own a residential property or a commercial one, Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. can help you correct all imperfections on your hardwood floor.


We at Supreme Hardwood are always happy & excited when welcoming a new customer to our family. Whether you’re looking to repair your existing floor or install a new one, call us today. If you’d like to, you can also send us an email; we’re always prompt when responding to customer queries.

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