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Top 5 Benefits of Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors

While considering top-notch hardwood floors for your new house or replacing your existing floors, there is a high possibility that you’ve heard of Supreme Hardwood Floors’ engineered hardwood flooring installation services. 

Engineered hardwood floors offer a similar appearance to traditional hardwood floors & still provide some unique benefits that may be important when it comes to your home’s environment! 


If you’re not sure whether this type of flooring is right for you, read these top 5 benefits of installing engineered hardwood floors in your home:


For many homeowners, one of the main benefits of engineered hardwood flooring is the price tag. It is less expensive than traditional hardwood flooring, and this is a contributing factor to why this flooring type has become more popular for homeowners over recent years. 

The initial charge is a lot cheaper than single-layer hardwood. These hardwood floors offer a pretty comparable resale price when compared to traditional hardwood floors if you should ever decide to sell your home.

Smooth Appearance

Who doesn’t love the look of nice, smooth hardwood in their home? Another benefit of having engineered hardwood floors is that it has a constantly smooth appearance. This is because it is smoothed out seamlessly after the wood is cut. 

Engineered Hardwood Floors

The seam forms a smooth & aesthetically charming appearance regardless of the area it is placed in. On the other hand, standard hardwood floors have a tendency to shrink & expand, which can lead to visible seams & cracks.

Wide Variety Of Styles & Colors

You can take comfort in knowing that there are various styles & colors available for hardwood floors. It utilizes genuine solid wood on top of every engineered board. This solid wood’s top layer is known as a veneer. This makes every engineered floor look & feel like solid hardwood.

If you are looking for an oak, walnut, maple, or hickory hardwood floor, you can get these colors & species characteristics. Engineered hardwood floors give you the look of solid hardwood floor without the moisture issues that it comes with.

Resistant To Expanding & Shrinking

Engineered hardwood floors have multiple wood layers rather than just one piece, making them more resistant to expanding & shrinking than standard hardwood floors. 


This is very true for those homeowners who may live in a climate with frequent temperature or humidity changes. Standard hardwood floors can be easily damaged in these situations due to the expanding & shrinking slats of wood.

Excellent Durability

Studies have shown that the lifespan for good engineered hardwood flooring is anywhere between 40 and 80 years. You are unlikely to find any other flooring outside of solid hardwood floors with this longevity. Engineered hardwood at Supreme Hardwood Floors is available in various widths & thickness, which clearly adds to its durability. 

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Engineered floors with even the thinnest layers can still give you up to 20 or 30 good years! However, homeowners will likely choose a brand with a thicker layer that can be sanded & refinished as this can extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors. Although the thicker alternative’s value is initially slightly higher, the longer lifespan makes it very appealing.

Now that you are pretty familiar with the benefits of investing in engineered hardwood floors in your home, take a look at our top-class engineered hardwood floors inventory from Supreme Hardwood Floors today! We look forward to serving you with all of your hardwood flooring needs!