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European White Oak Floors

Supreme Hardwood Floors is a Full Service Flooring company. Al Monti is a true craftman when it comes to selecting and installing hardwood floors in Austin Texas. Many folks look at European White oak because it’s a great options for floors. It’s also very popular as a wide plank floor because of the character of the wood, and how it’s been sawn.

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Why White  Oak?

Formal, casual, or contemporary – White Oak does it all. White oak wood flooring consists of a beautiful traditional floor white to creamy sapwood and with light brown heartwood.  White oak wood floors have a Janka hardness of 1360 with good stability.  White oak is an ideal backdrop as it takes almost any stain color incredibly well.  It boasts dramatic grain patterns ranging from simple & sleek to intricate and vibrant swirls.

White Oak is also a popular wood because it’s widely used to make wine barrels, and it also possesses dense fibers making it an exceptionally durable floor that complements any design scheme. And like vintage wine, it’ll only get better over time.
We can install Oak Hardwood floors to look a variety of ways, so call us today, or come by the showroom to learn more about the wood, and stains, and coatings that are available for your home.

We offer premium hardwood flooring made to your specifications and with your decor in mind.


Benefits of Hardwood Flooring


Design that makes your home and decor stand out. Custom designs can really make a home come alive and give that luxurious feel.


Wood is hypo-allergenic and carbon neutral? This improves the air quality in your home, everyone in your home benefits.

Increased Value

A quality wood floor Improves the value of your home. When you go to sell your home, the floor appreciates, as well as your sales price.

Long Lasting

Hardwood flooring is long-lasting, over 100 years. That means that you won't need to pay to install another floor any time soon.


Easily change the look of your wood floor by refinishing it. A fresh sand and new color can make a huge difference.

High Quality

Using high-quality materials and professional installation will immediately enhances your homes look, feel, and value.

There are so many benefits to hardwood flooring installation, here are a few.

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