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Hardwood Floors are an ideal solution for long-lasting, low maintenance, durable flooring. Hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime, and most importantly, an existing homeowner can add beauty, value, and style to their home with them. At the same time, home-builders can find a reliable, economical solution that will last for years.

When selecting a new floor before your hardwood floor installation, you can rely upon Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. for advice. With the advent of so many Hardwood Flooring options, several Hardwood Flooring options and possibilities have opened up.

At Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc., we bring you more than 15 years of knowledge to the table to help you understand your best flooring options, solutions & ideas. That’s how we’ve become and continue to be a trusted source in custom and standard hardwood floor installations throughout Blanco, TX and surrounding areas for homeowners, business owners, and builders alike.

Custom Hardwood Flooring and its installation are what we are known for in Central, TX. We are a professional Hardwood Flooring Contractor who provides all types of hardwood flooring services to Blanco, TX, and the neighboring areas. You can always expect a thorough, educated, professional floor evaluation and service at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc.


Add style, warmth & value to your home or office with beautiful hardwood floors from Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. If you’re looking for New Wood Flooring for Sale online, Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. has a wide variety of options to satisfy all your demands.

We have a myriad of styles of Hardwood floors, and if you want to narrow your options to something more specific, we are always here to help you. Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. is the place to be for those looking for ‘where to buy Hardwood Flooring online.’

One of the main strengths of New Wood Flooring is that it’s classic and timeless. You must have been using wooden flooring for many years, and despite changes in styles & design, you know that hardwood flooring proves its worth as the natural expression never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re interested in a traditional look, or something more modern and contemporary, we have everything you need to get hardwood flooring installed in Blanco, TX.


When you have hardwood flooring in your home, naturally, they’ll sustain wear and tear over time. It can happen due to dropping heavy items on the floor, which puts dents in the material or dragging furniture across the floor, causing scratches.

Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. provides sanding & refinishing services to reclaim your old hardwood floors. We have mastered the floor sanding and floor refinishing. Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. has worked with customers in many unique situations to bring them the best possible flooring solutions to people in Blanco, TX.

If you want to update the look of your wood flooring or keep its beauty for many years to come, turn to Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc.’s professional hardwood floor sanding services and refinishing services. Apart from Hardwood Floor installation, we are the most trusted hardwood floor sanding and refinishing companies in the Blanco area.

We aim to provide our clients with the answer to their flooring issues. If you have hardwood floors that don’t need replacing but can benefit from some sanding or refinishing, our experts will determine a solution that fits your needs.

Whether it’s damage from water, aged flooring, troublesome areas, scratches, dings, gaping, or cupping, Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. is amongst the most trusted hardwood floor sanding and refinishing company in Central, TX, that have mastered the art of rendering your floors to their original or natural condition.


There are many species of hardwood flooring, and we thought it would be helpful to make you understand the most popular choices.  There are some advantages to each, but it depends on what you like, which elements are most important to you, and the budget.  Understanding the characteristics, among other things, will help you select the ideal species for your home. Now let us look at some Hardwood Species offered by us at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc.


One of the most popular looks on hardwood floors is oak. It’s timeless and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Oak comes in a variety of colors, so it indeed looks great in any home. Because of its durability, it’s an excellent option for homeowners who aren’t big on area rugs.

Oak flooring is efficient for many reasons. First of all, it is economical. Second of all, due to the strong graining of oak, it helps hide the scratches & dents better than most other hardwoods. And thirdly, oak can absorb stains very well, which makes it easy to change the color when you are refinishing the floors.  We at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. offer Oakwood Flooring in White Oak and Red Oak color variations.


American Walnut is another beautiful hardwood. Sometimes, it’s known as Black Walnut, or simply Walnut.   The color of Walnut flooring varies from a lighter pale brown to dark chocolate brown, and colors on some boards can also have undertones of gray, purple, or even a reddish cast.

Walnut floor’s colors vary only slightly from board to board, giving them a smooth, consistent look. There are different species of walnut hardwood floors out there. Further, the floors made for Walnut typically have a dark, exotic look, which is versatile and looks great in most homes.

It is tough — it’s one of the most durable hardwoods on the market — great for high-traffic areas with kids and pets. And Walnut is often used as an accent in older, more traditional homes of Blanco, TX that have borders, and it contrasts nicely with white oak and hickory.


With a Janka rating of 1820, hickory is very durable and ideal for high-traffic zones. It has been a top choice for school gymnasium floors. Hickory flooring features mocha-tones, ranging from warm brown with dark brown streaks to creamy beige with a hint of red.

Hickory floors have a lot of color variation, and some have knotting and differences in color even within a board. And because of the hickory’s hardness and its ability to hide dents and scratches, it’s often a superb choice for busy households and households with pets in Blanco, TX.


Parquet is made up of strips of real wood assembled in a square or in a rectangle called a ‘mosaic.’ Parquet must be glued directly to the subfloor using a unique adhesive. Parquet flooring is available in both pre-finished and a sand-on-site styling.

Parquet was popular in the ’70s and is still used today in Blanco homes. In the flooring industry, Parquet is a type of floor made from wooden blocks or strips forming a pattern. Sometimes the Parquet includes inlays of other wood types and materials.

The installation of Parquet requires a well-leveled subfloor, and the sanding involved in the process should be left to а professional like us. The most important thing when stripping the wood is always to follow its grain, and this is rather hard to achieve on a surface made from wooden blocks, but with Custom Wood Installation at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc., you do not even have to break a sweat.


Herringbone flooring is parquet floors with a herringbone design. Creating a herringbone pattern requires individual boards to be erratically arranged in rectangles, forming a stunning visual effect.

The herringbone pattern is a French design by origin, and it seems to have originated in the mid to late 1600s. Centuries ago, it used to be a popular flooring pattern that Europeans preferred for their castles & family mansions. The very uniqueness of Herringbone flooring makes it a perfect choice for both traditional & contemporary interiors.

Moreover, the herringbone flooring design is widely preferred for modern homes & commercial spaces. The design is adaptable, and it can gel with the background and create a subtle effect or have a dominating presence, any way you want it!


Reclaimed wood is currently generating immense interest, and Reclaimed Wood Floors in Blanco, TX, has an option for every style. With the strength and texture of Reclaimed Wood, we have a unique floor for the atmosphere that you want to create in Blanco homes and offices.

Giving your flooring a vintage look in harmony with other elements of your interior style is not the easiest thing to do. Many homeowners can have a hard time to find the perfect hardwood species and match its texture to complement their existing décor or furniture.

Fortunately, you can avoid this headache by turning Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. and purchasing our reclaimed hardwood flooring. We know you are in the market for reclaimed floors, and we are happy to provide you the same at a fraction of the price.

Reclaimed wood is filled with unique materials from old barns, rural structures, buildings & other sustainable sources of reclaimed timber.  Rich in history and character, the reclaimed wood at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. is carefully deconstructed and processed. What you receive here is 100% usable and guaranteed to be authentic reclaimed wood floors.


Wooden Walls were a popular decorating trend in the 1950s, and it’s recently re-emerged, new, and improved. Custom wood walls give you the flexibility you need to design or create a uniquely beautiful space. From veneers, species, finishes & perforations to custom moldings, we can help you create a custom wood wall system that fits your design vision and acoustic needs.

Discover how you can add an accent wall to your home and transform your room from top to bottom with the enduring beauty & durability of Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. products on your walls. 

Today’s style-minded homeowners approach flooring from a whole new angle. They ask us to elegantly use it for creating accent walls and artistic focal points that reflect their unique style & bring distinctive character to their space.

Whatever one-of-a-kind look you imagine for your home, Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. can help you achieve it. We have made some of our trendiest and durable flooring options adaptable for wall installations. Like hardwood floors, Wood Walls are easy to care for and easy to love. Contact us to get them installed in Blanco, TX, and make your space more sophisticated, chic, stylish, and trendy.


Custom Inlays in Blanco, TX are designed to provide homes and offices with a distinctive design element for new construction, restoration, or remodeling projects. While customizing, put your unique style & design into your hardwood flooring with a custom inlay from us. Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. creates unique and custom hardwood floor inlays and all these custom inlays look beautiful & impactful in any space. Call today to schedule a talk about your hardwood floor project.

    • Beautiful Custom Inlays
    • Unique Hardwood flooring

You can choose flooring designs from our online catalog or work with our artists to create your vision. The wood inlay products we sell are customized to go with a wide variety of specifications so you can decide on the size, thickness, and shape. Custom floor inlays can also be customized to match your requirements. Options such as wood species, thickness, and finish can be specified online before placing an order.

We at Supreme Hardwood Floors, Inc. are dedicated to providing the best service and value, and we are also passionate about transforming our customers’ dreams into reality. Order from us, our unsurpassed service, reasonable prices, and exclusive craftsmanship will exceed your highest expectations.


All-Natural Materials

Hardwood is an entirely natural & renewable product that can bring the outdoors into your home or office. It is a safe product for any application, and it is environmentally friendly as well.

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Our hardwood floor installation & refinishing services are always priced right to fit your budget. We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your floors, keeping your finances in mind.

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We offer the best warranties in the industry to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase for years to come. If you have a problem with your floor, call us, & we’ll resolve your problem.

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As we are family-owned and operated, we understand how to serve our customers best. Our goal is to give you the best service we can to go along with the best hardwood floors.


Whether you need Hardwood Floors, Hardwood Floors Installation, Sanding and Refinishing services, or if you have Custom Inlay or Wall Flooring in your mind, we can handle this and more for you.

With Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., a highly recommended flooring company in Austin, TX, rest assured, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long-lasting, durable hardwood for your home or commercial space. Contact us today (512) 288-5545 to begin taking steps toward the custom floor installation you’ve always wanted. With us, you can experience durability, easy maintenance, and a multitude of designing options that hardwood can offer you. Our experts are waiting for your call to guide you to the flooring of your dreams!