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Personalize your home or office with genuine, hand-crafted custom floor installation from Supreme Hardwood Inc., as we offer a variety of authentic styles, and best in class installation to make your floors one-of-a-kind!

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A full-service, professional & traditional hardwood floor installation services include custom flooring, standard hardwood flooring, unique patterns, custom inlays, borders, emblems, hand-scraped beveling, distressed wood, custom-mixed floor stain, double-coated polyurethane floor finishing, & much more.

Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime; an existing homeowner can add beauty, value & style to their home while home-builders can find a reliable, economical solution that will last for years. Moreover, it is the perfect solution for long-lasting, low maintenance, and durable flooring.

While selecting a new floor and wood floor installation, you, as a consumer, generally rely upon your flooring contractor for advice. With the advent of pre-finished floors, solid or engineered, more options have opened up as far as installation possibilities are concerned. At Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., we bring over 30 years of knowledge to the table to help you understand your best flooring options, ideas & solutions.

That’s how we’ve become & continue to be a trusted source in custom and standard hardwood floor installations throughout the greater Austin area for homeowners, business owners, and builders alike. We are professionals that specialize in flooring installation and use a minimum of 4-steps in our sanding process for excellent, flat & smooth flooring results.

We are confident you will be happy with our service, and we will work with you until you are delighted with your hardwood flooring. That’s why Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. has been the most trusted flooring resource for the Austin, TX area. We provide professionalism and extreme craftsmanship in our work, and we look forward to the opportunity to show you our craft!


When installing a new floor, the first step is to prep.

Sometimes this is the difference between a new floor failing or lasting a lifetime. The prep work on a job usually consists of identifying problems, leveling certain areas, removing squeaks, repairing an insufficient sub-floor, prepping the surrounding workspace with plastic wrap and tape, or finding any number of other impending issues. Not taking the time in the beginning to investigate the condition of your project could result in a complete tear-out to fix the problem, and this should be avoided at all costs.

Also, keep in mind that prep work includes containing the mess that is caused by the construction going on in your home. Since we’ve grown a reputation for being a trusted custom floor installer, this means we treat your house as if it were our own. It includes taping off sensitive areas, using dust-free vacuum systems, hanging plastic, reporting damage or found issues, rolling out paper walkways, and, most importantly, disposing of our waste (including your old flooring).

Now, we can deliver your hardwood flooring straight to your home or job-site. Along with that, our crew will help unload the product into a safe location a couple of weeks before your job starts. This allows your hardwood floor to adapt to your job conditions, such as humidity & moisture levels, because wood is continuously expanding and contracting. We never install a floor with freshly delivered wood; your product must match your home’s humidity conditions to prevent the installation from shrinking, shifting, or buckling.


After prepping, we move to installation. Now you can stop searching for hardwood Floor Installation near me. And, believe us, when we say that installing hardwood flooring in your home can have the ability to transform your entire living space. With many styles & types available, hardwood floor installation can be customized to coordinate with any form of décor.

If you’re thinking about installing hardwood in your home, here are the necessary steps of the installation process. There are some things we consider for you in each step of the process. So, if you’re looking for custom floor installation in your home, we can help you get the right hardwood flooring for your needs.


Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. offers many different types of hardwood flooring for you to choose to make sure your new hardwood flooring is a perfect fit for your home. Moisture is terrible news for hardwood flooring and can lead to warping, bowing, splitting, and cracking.

Hardwood flooring is generally not recommended for humid areas; however, engineered hardwood installation can be used in some instances, when installed with a moisture barrier. Moreover, our professional installers have all the necessary equipment to measure a home’s humidity levels, room by room, and to recommend the absolute best floor for all your needs.


Removing existing flooring can be like taking a step back in time. There might be multiple layers of flooring that needs to be removed. You might assume that you’re approaching a project that seems simple & straightforward, and then discover that the old tile floor was placed on top of several layers of vinyl!

Pulling up the old flooring isn’t easy, and disposing of the waste afterward can be even more difficult. But our professional installers will do the work and strip off each layer of flooring, and they’ll clean up all the trash afterward.


The process of removing any existing flooring (if there) can leave the sub-floor in a repairable condition. While you may not think this is problematic, and you might think that after all, it’s going to be covered by your new flooring, well, it is. But, even a gouge or a fraction of an inch in depth can leave your new flooring squeaking & bouncing. Leveling a sub-floor or foundation is crucial.

Moreover, some ‘fixes’ can lead to structural issues that can only be solved after consulting a structural engineer. So, preparing the subfloor is imperative as it prevents creaking & bouncing of the installed hardwood floor. Again, our expert team of installers will make necessary repairs to the subfloor so that your new hardwood floor can be installed correctly.


Your new hardwood flooring has to rest inside your home, acclimating to your home’s humidity & temperature. This process can sometimes take up to a week and a half. Installing hardwood flooring during seasons such as extreme summer or harsh winter could be a mistake without the proper precautions, and it can affect the look & feel of the flooring down the road. But, you don’t have to worry; our expert installer will take the proper precautions during extreme temperature seasons, such as summer or winter.


Correctly laying a hardwood floor has everything to do with placing the first few boards. Correctly set, these boards allow for an easy installation. If it’s done improperly, your flooring will have gaps, and it’ll not lie evenly.

Your home isn’t just one large square, so you should know how to work around walls, vents & doorways and know how to transition to different flooring types in other rooms.

You’ll be glad to know that years of experience in installing hardwood flooring can address these types of concerns easily. Our expert installers have over 15 years of experience and the knowledge to make sure every piece of flooring is laid correctly.


Custom floor inlays design most importantly can give you as a homeowner a fantastic way to put your personality and individual character in your home. The choice of patterns and designs can add an artistic flair to your custom floor.  Your options are almost endless!


Our top-notch in house design specialist can design a custom inlay to fulfill your artistic vision, and we can expertly install it. So, whether you want Custom Floor Inlays Custom Wood Floor Inlays, or Custom Guitar Inlays, we can do it all. Check out our Gallery. We always enjoy a creative approach to our work, and we can help you to achieve an exceptional inlay for your home. This can be your favorite sports team, your business, and much more!

We are dedicated to providing the best service & value. We are highly passionate about transforming our customer’s dreams into reality. Further, our unsurpassed service, reasonable prices, and exclusive craftsmanship will exceed your highest expectations.

Each hardwood flooring installation from us at Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc. comes with a lifetime installation warranty. If your hardwood floor has a problem related to installation, years down the road, we’ll try our best to make your flooring right again.

With Supreme Hardwood Floors Inc., a highly recommended flooring company in Austin, TX, rest assured, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long-lasting, durable hardwood for your home or commercial space. Contact us today (512) 288-5545 to begin taking steps toward the custom floor installation you’ve always wanted. With us, you can experience durability, easy maintenance, and a multitude of designing options that hardwood can offer you. Our experts are waiting for your call to guide you to the flooring of your dreams!

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